Active Components
Antennas & Positioners
Passive Component (W.G./Coax)
RF Photonics
Satellite Communication System
Sources up to 40 GHz
Special Custom design
6-Port Synthesized Reflectometer
Airborne PLO Beacon
Airborne Radar Log Amp
C-Band Ka-Band Radar Transmitter
Cellular Amplifier
Dual Band Down Converter
Radar Pulsed Amplifier
Switch Matrix
System Clock
Test & measurment solution
Dual Band Down Converter
RS428 full or half duplex bus
Software upgradeable over bus
Full set of control and diagnostic commands
125KHz step size, S or L band to IF
80 MHz instantaneous BW, 1.2 GHz total tuning BW
Integrated AGC / ALC / Temperature Compensation
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