Active Components
High Power Amplifier
Antennas & Positioners
Passive Component (W.G./Coax)
RF Photonics
Satellite Communication System
Sources up to 40 GHz
Special Custom design
Test & measurment solution
B&Z Technologies' Engineers have been pioneers in the design of the state of the art microwave and millimeter wave amplifier technology for more than thirty years.
Ultra Wideband Low Noise
Amplifier from 5 kHz to 60 GHz range:

Wideband Low Noise
Wideband Medium Power
Wideband High Dynamic Range
Selected Widely Used
Cryogenic Amplifiers
Wave Guide Amplifiers
High Power Amplifiers
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RF Power Amplifiers, Broadband Linear RF Amplifiers, Custom RF Amplifiers, Class A and AB Amplifiers.

All our products provide a rugged source of RF power, useful for ultrasonics, laser modulation, RFI/EMI, plasma equipment and general laboratory applications.
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RF and Microwave products for a variety of applications requiring Pulsed, CW, Linear, or Broadband capabilities. Products include amplifiers, transmitters, attenuators, and calibrators
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