Active Components
Antennas & Positioners
Passive Component (W.G./Coax)
RF Photonics
Satellite Communication System
Sources up to 40 GHz
Special Custom design
Test & measurment solution
Antennas & Positioners
Tx/Rx, Horn, Wireless, Sat-Com, Man-Pack, Jamming,Dish's, EMC, Positioners,

Tripods, Mansts, Radom, Airborne, Navy, GSM,GPS, etc.

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ARA Wide Band designs and manufactures high-performance wide-bandwidth antennas for military and civilian communication and security requirements. These antennas are supplied to the Communications, Surveillance, and Jamming (counter RF IED) markets. The Wide Band antenna products cover all the commercial and military frequency bands

Jamming Antennas
♦ Directional Antennas
♦ Omni-Directional Antennas

Communications Antennas
♦ Omni-Directional Antennas
♦ Directional Antennas
♦ Tactical Antennas
♦ SATCOM Antennas
♦ Other Products

Surveillance Antennas
♦ Omni-Directional Antennas
♦ Directional Antennas
♦ Surveillance Systems

EMC Antennas
♦ Omni-Directional Antennas
♦ Directional Antennas
♦ Loop and Magnetic Antennas
♦ Probe and Dipole Antennas

Single Axis Antenna Positioners
♦ Azimuth Antenna Positioners
♦ Polarization Rotators

Two Axis Antenna Positioners
♦ Elevation over Azimuth Positioners
(EAP and EAR series)
♦ Azimuth over Elevation (AEP series)

Antenna Positioners for Mast
♦ Azimuth Antenna Positioners
(ARP Series)
♦ Elevation over Azimuth Antenna Positioners
(AEC Series)

Antenna Positioners Controllers
♦ General Motion Controllers
♦ Polarization Switch Controllers

Antenna Positioners Systems
◊ Reflector on EL/AZ Positioner
◊ Log Periodic or Horn on AZ Positioner

Company Web Site