Active Components
Antennas & Positioners
Passive Component (W.G./Coax)
RF Photonics
Fiber Optic Systems
Satellite Communication System
Sources up to 40 GHz
Special Custom design
Test & measurment solution
Fiber Optic Systems
PPM employs its core expertise in fibre optics, RF and Analogue electronics to produce comprehensive range of Fibre Optic Link products.
Advantages of Fibre:
Immunity to Electromagnetic Interference
Minimal Signal Distortion
Electrical Isolation
The point2point and Sentinel fibre optic link ranges provide a means of transporting RF and Digital signals in the presence of intense electromagnetic fields. These products in conjunction with our RF Sensors/Probes serve the needs of the EMC, EMP, Lightning Test and Tempest communities. The point2point product range also brings new capabilities to timing and monitoring applications within the High Energy Physics arena.
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