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Noise Analyzer
Compact, modular and fully automated signal analyzer for fast and accurate measurement of phase noise, amplitude noise, oscillation characterization and synthesizer locking analysis.
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5 MHz to 6200 MHz Signal Source Analyzer
measures from 0.1 Hz and down to - 190 dBc/Hz

The APPH6000 is a fully integrated and highly automated phase noise test system.

Fully automated measurement of phase noise, amplitude noise, and baseband noise. This system is available with powerful graphical user interface with many post-processing features (spur identification, jitter, residual & integral noise, Allan variance), USB and LAN interfaces, and options to meed individual measurement requirements.

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The APPH6000 provides fast and accurate measurements of SSB phase noise, amplitude noise, or baseband noise.

The APPH6000IS is a fully self-contained instruments with cross-correlator engine and internal low noise reference sources to enable fast and accurate one-click measurements of a variety of sources.

The instrument can be configured to meet user requirements: selectable internal or external reference source, phase detector models, and frequency offset ranges. Two channel cross correlation is also supported for lowest noise measurements.

It is a compact and powerful instrument available with LAN (VXI-11), USB or with GPIB (optionally).

Platform independent intuitive graphical user interface (GUI), API library, and powerful SCPI command language set is available

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